Which is the appropriate time to adopt puppies?

June 21, 2022

Adopt puppies only when they are seven weeks old and only when you are mature enough to take care of them. Seven weeks time is very crucial for the internal growth of the puppy and your maturity is important for its upkeep. Bringing home a puppy that is less than seven weeks old means bringing home a responsibility. And adopting a puppy before you mature means you are killing the friendly animal silently. There are many considerations and most of the considerations are regarding the puppy owner and not the pet.

First thing that you should ensure is the living space for your puppy. Look at the house and set aside some place or corner for the puppy. Children are first to interact with the puppy and most of the times you will find the pet playing with children. This is the time when you need to be extra cautions. Children might harm puppy or vice versa. The second thing is to keep puppy in discipline. Make sure that the puppy sleeps it its home and eats in its bowl. The last thing is that adopt puppies only from that store that is reliable. The retailer must have a humanitarian attitude towards its puppies.