Caring For Pet

April 13, 2022

Those who like pet’s dog, cat and birds treat them well and they will think you a wise, kind master and friend. You will learn a great deal from them too. When we were growing up we had pets all around us. They lived in our house, in our yard, the sandbox, and the pigeon roost. We seemed to get a new kind of pet every year. That meant learning how to care for another young animal. The only people who deserve pets are those who take good care of them.

Here are the chief rules to follow in caring for any pet:

  • Know what to feed it and when to feed it, and feed it regularly;
  • Be sure that fresh water is always within its reach;
  • Keep its living shelter clean.

Chill, dampness, overfeeding, and uncleanness are common causes of pet sickness. No animal likes to be dirty. If your pet gets sick, you will be wise to take it to a doctor. Animal doctors are called veterinarians. A pet is not just a plaything you can neglect when you are tired or when you go on vacation. Like you, a pet has to have food, water, shelter, kindness, and fun and your pet depends on you for all that. Before you buy or accept any pet, young or old, be sure you can take good care of it.