Health & Fitness

April 11, 2022

Health and Fitness has now become one of the major concerns. Earlier humans used to hunt for their living, due to which their body had to undergo a lot of physical exercise. This made life active and alert. Now, life has become more simple and easy. Everything we need is just a phone call away. This easy life has restricted humans to do that bit of physical exercise which is required to keep the body fit and healthy. We get instant, spicy and variety of food which lose their nutrition during the process.

Ayurveda, an essential part of health & fitness, is the art of living in harmony with the laws of nature. Ayurvedic living occurs when you recognize your basic nature and live according to this true self. In Ayurveda there are eight divisions of treatments for a healthy living.

Homeopathy is the youngest and budding medical faculty for health & fitness. It is modern not only by its virtue of being young, but more significantly by the revolutionary medical philosophy that supports this health science.

Meditation is a way of attaining spiritual bliss and peace for healthy living & fitness. Meditation requires a basic understanding that helps in practicing meditation in a better way. Every culture and tradition has its own distinct and exclusive styles of practicing meditation. A Right Meditation Posture plays a very important role for health & fitness. It is extremely important in the practice of Meditation as it not only keeps you alert but also benefits the body in many ways.