Mental Health

April 7, 2022

Mental and emotional health refers to feelings, thoughts and actions of an individual specifically when a person faces stresses and challenges in his or her life. Emotional and physical health problems are due to absence of good mental health. Our society is divided into distinct cultures which have their own metal and emotional characteristics that define well-being of a person.

Our emotions are not separate entities from us they are an active part of our body mind and soul. Whenever you suffer from emotional and mental stresses, your physical health is also affected. Your spirits are raised only if you are mentally and emotionally fit. Researchers reveal that if stresses are never balanced then you can suffer from many physical distresses which are linked to your state of mind. When people are depressed, anxious, stressed or grief-stricken then their lives are in danger. Mental and emotional stresses affects your personal relationships and work abilities.

Mental and emotional health problems can be due to traumas and serious losses in early phases of life. Social conditions in which a person lives are the most important characteristic for good mental and emotional health.