June 28, 2022

Management of a property has two parts. The first part is physical and it involves upkeep of the building. Whitewashing, cleaning, pest control, plumbing, electricity and minor repair and renovation work come under physical management.

A property is a legal matter as it has certain dues towards service providers like electricity, water and house tax. It is called legal management. Every building should be duly insured and it should be built and designed according to building bylaws. If it is a rental property then it has to be rented after entering into an agreement between renter and the property owner.

Property disputes

Non-payment of taxes could start a dispute between property owner and government agencies. It is responsibility of the owner to pay his dues on time and also he should keep receipts of dues paid. Also the owner should maintain good relations with his renters, if he wants to earn rental income.

If you’re a property owner and you’ve enough time to take care of your property then you can do this job on your own. Sit in your rental property and take care of it. Or you can hire South Yarra property management services of a real estate company.

Advantage of a manager

  • The person would make you free from your property
  • The manager would take responsibility of the property
  • He would maintain it physically
  • He would pay the dues and keep receipts
  • The manager would find renters and negotiate rental agreement
  • He would collect rent

With a manager on your property, you won’t need worrying about physical and legal maintenance of the property. It is the manager that would aware you about physical needs of the building in advance so that you can prepare for the expenditure. Similarly he would inform you about the dues to be paid to government agencies and service providers.

But the biggest advantage of hiring a manager is that he would make things simple and affordable. For instance, take a leaking roof. You would need searching a contractor to plug the leaks but the manager would do it on his own, if he is from a real estate company.

For effective management and maintenance of your property, you should rely on no one but one South Yarra property management services of leading real estate firms. Find a reliable firm for your needs and take advantage of professional management and maintenance services.