July 7, 2022

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is a open source system as its source code is released by Google in open source. It’s free and also it is more beneficial than its counterparts as it is a brainchild of Google.

Over 70% of mobile apps development is done for Android as it is the most popular mobile platform. With more and more mobile users choosing Android phones, demand for Android mobile apps has gone up. Every business that wants to target mobile market needs Android apps as most mobile phone users use Android phones.

Android Apps

There are more than a million apps on Google Play store and over 50 billion downloads have been recorded by the store. There is an app for everything from booking air-tickets to booking hotel rooms and from mobile dictionary to books. Mobile app developers have a good time developing apps for Android phones.

Career In Apps Development

Developers are needed for making mobile friendly applications. A developer has two options. First, the developer can join a leading mobile apps development firm and second option is freelancing. The developer can start his own service. But first of all, one needs to become a mobile app developer.

Who Can Become A Developer?

Anyone with basic knowledge on development can become a mobile app developer. There are Android courses that provide complete and comprehensive training on Android mobile app development. These courses are of short time and also they are available at affordable price.

Short term course: It saves time as it provides comprehensive education, information and training in short time. Students don’t have to work hard or spend more time in completing the course. They can become developers on short time.

Affordability: Expensive courses won’t generate interest in the interested candidates. If you get an opportunity to learn mobile apps development at affordable price, you would certainly think of joining a course. But if you’re asked to spend a huge amount for the course, you would want to revisit your decision of joining the course.

If you want to become a mobile app developer then think of Android mobile app development. Android is a leading and also most popular of all the mobile operating systems and number of Android users is growing with each passing day. There is much work for Android developers and any one can become a developer with the help of Android courses that are short and affordable.