September 21, 2022

Android has changed the face of mobile telephony. It has made mobile phones pocket PCs. It is a popular mobile platform as it can run apps and software. For instance, mobile users can make apps for social networking sites and access their social profiles from their mobiles.


Businesses need apps to connect to mobile users. Here you can take example of a travel agent that has discounts to offer. The travel agent can make an application for his business and advertise his application so that his targeted audiences could download the app in their mobiles.

Customers can approach the travel agent using his application and in this way the travel agent can get business from mobile market. Similarly other businesses like healthcare, hospitality and education can take advantage of mobile apps.


Persons interested in making a career in application development can take advantage of android courses in india. There are institutes that provide theoretical as well as practical training on android platforms. As soon as the training is complete, the person can join a development firm or start his/her freelancing business.

The person would get a certificate on completion of the course. The certificate would show the skills the person has acquired. The certificate would help the person in finding a job and also in establishing his/her freelancing business.

Is certificate needed?

It is needed to get a job but the advantage of taking a certificate course is getting training at the hands of experienced developers. Mobile apps development market has become a multi-million dollar industry as every business needs an app. This industry is directly related to growth and development of mobile market.

Short time certificate course is sufficient for acquiring advance knowledge on development of mobile applications. One can start from basic course and then move to advance level courses. Experienced developers can take advantage of advance courses.

Gaming apps

Angry Birds is a mobile gaming app. It is the most popular gaming application but there is demand for more mobile games and it is only a developer that can make a gaming application. A hospital can extend its services to mobile users through its app. Similarly education institutions can take advantage of mobile apps.

People interested in getting training on mobile apps development can take advantage of Android courses in India. A short term course in basic development is sufficient to start a career in the field of mobile apps development.