September 5, 2022

You should show the same concern when looking for an AC technician that you showed when buying your air-conditioner. Your machine is one of the best. It is a latest technology air-conditioner and it is a branded product. You bought it at high price.

Who’s your technician or service engineer?

If you want your machine to work well all the time then call only a certified and experienced technician. A certified engineer would certainly charge more than his untrained counterpart but it’s only a certified technician that can better service and maintain your air-conditioner.

Your investment in air-conditioner service

The machine would require two services a year and also it would need change of some parts like filters. As the machine would grow older, more parts would need to be changed but it depends upon its uses and service provided. Timely service would keep it working for long time without increasing its running cost.

Who should you hire for air-conditioner service?

See how your neighbors use their air-conditioners. If you find a neighbor that is able to maintain his air-conditioner in good condition, you can ask then neighbor about his technician. Or you can hire an experienced air-conditioner service company for your machine.

Look no further than a service company for AC repair service. There are many advantages of calling a company. A company is a group and not an individual and since it works in a group, it can cater to the needs of a large number of customers. In other words, you can expect emergency service from a company.

Monetary advantages of a company

The company would provide cost effective service. You can buy a service package instead of calling the company on every service. The package would reduce the service charge. It is called annual maintenance service and it is always cheaper than individual service.

If your machine needs more than one service, the additional services would be provided at reduced cost. Also the company would provide spare parts at discounted price. If the AC needs major repair work, the company would work out a pocket friendly cost for the repair work.

Greatest advantage of hiring a service company is that you would get feedback of experienced service engineers. They would tell you how your machine is working, what its age is and how long it would work. The feedback would be in addition to the AC repair service that you would get from the company.