September 21, 2022

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency invented for the World Wide Web. It is the currency of the web and for this reason it has no existence outside the web but it is very much present in the physical world through the transactions made by this currency.

Internet is larger marketplace with billions of websites selling infinite numbers of products and different services. Billions of monetary transactions are made over web on any given day. Monetary transactions are made through banks that take time in clearing the transactions. But with bitcoin, sending and receiving money on the web is like a breeze.

Online currency

Bitcoin has changed the online world from a shadow of the physical world to a different world. It has its currency that can be used for making and receiving payments. Advantage of this currency is its speed and safety. It passes from one account to another within moments and also it remains safe from hackers.

Cryptocurrency depends on a mathematical formula that software used. It isn’t based on gold or any other metal as it is the currency of the online world where everything is seen as a shadow. Ecommerce sites have started accepting bitcoin against their products and services.

An online store that wants to take advantage of bitcoin establishes ebay stealth account to deal in bitcoins. The account has to be shielded from taint analysis. The analysis doesn’t steal money but invades privacy of the account holders. It is easy to set a bitcoin account but it isn’t easy to prevent it from taint analysis without expert help.

Third party payment

There are platforms that help online stores receive cryptocurrency. The platforms provide real help in dealing in bitcoin payments. Presence of a third party ensures transparency and safety in online payments. Online stores that are the service users are charged a meager amount for this service.

Advent of bitcoin has brought the online market at one platform where buyers and sellers can negotiate and do business. Monetary procedures are no more handled and routed through banks as the web has got its currency. Technological advancements have made it possible to send and receive payments from any part of the world.

Online stores willing to deal in bitcoin should first establish ebay stealth account before opening their stores for bitcoin traders and users. Or they can take advantage of third party bitcoin services to play safe. It would be more convenient to use third party services.