Furniture Care

April 8, 2022

Many finer homes and businesses feature beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture made from teak. Although the obvious reason is the beauty that comes from teak, there are many benefits to choosing this type of wood. Saturated with natural oils required to survive the rainforest where teak grows, this wood is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and outdoor elements. Therefore, while the price of teak furniture is generally a little more than you would pay for cedar, redwood, or oak, the fact that teak furniture is strong and durable, it is money well spent.

The key with teak furniture is to use products that will bring out its natural color. Since teak varies from a blonde to golden amber to a rich, warm caramel, choosing the right product is important. Unfortunately, even with teak, if any wood furniture is left outdoors without being treated, it will battle the elements. The advantage of choosing teak furniture is that it has the ability to fight a little harder. However, by using quality products to care for your teak furniture, it will retain its smooth finish, stay strong, and last for years longer.