September 23, 2022

Sofa set, bed, chairs, stools, tables, cabinets and shelves are furnishings used in every home and workplace. They are made of wood and wood comes from trees. Trees are cut to get log that is converted into lumber and wood planks for making beds and other furnishings.

Wood also comes from old barns and warehouses that are no longer functional. These structures have tons of wooden planks and this lumber is of high quality and useful. Wood is reclaimed from old wooden structures by bringing the structures down. The structures are carefully dismantled to separate quality wood from other pieces.


It makes rustic furniture that looks different. Color and properties of reclaimed wood make it different. The wood changes its color after being used in buildings for long time. It withstands extreme weather conditions and pressure as part of a wooden structure. It becomes stronger and durable.

Its advantage is it saves trees. Old barns and warehouses are sources of wood and the wood that comes from old wooden structure is stronger and durable than fresh log. People like its color. Reclaimed wood is used just fresh wood. It is cut, joined and polished to give it a new shape and color.

Reclaimed wood is used for making furnishings of old style. The furnishings look like they have been brought from country homes. Country design and color makes reclaimed fittings more beautiful and suitable for use in modern homes. The fittings can be customized to suit to an interior décor.