August 30, 2022

Granite countertops are much in demand these days. The probable reason behind granite’s being preferred over marble, glass and plastic could be its strength. Granite is very sturdy in nature. It has good resistance to scratch and stain. It is glossy and shines even in the dark. Another reason for choosing granite stone as countertop is its colors. Granite comes in a variety of colors. You can find black, jet black, rust, brown, pink and even red color granite stone. Yet another reason of granite’s popularity as countertop is it size. It comes in large blocks which could be cut into any size and fit anywhere according to your requirements.

Countertops are used both inside and outside the home. Inside they are used in kitchen, bathroom, patio area, beneath window and sometimes living room. Countertops at the entry area, alongside the lawn wall and gate provide quality space for keeping goods like golf club, tennis ball, garden equipments etc. etc. Countertops are the latest trends in interior decoration industry. They are placed in a way so that they occupy less space while at the same time provide ample space. Simply put, countertops make space where there is no space. In addition they enhance the beauty of the place as well.

When choosing countertops, granite automatically comes to mind. It is assumed that the countertop has to be granite because its elegance is second to none. It is a natural stone. Its color variances and random patterns are unmatched. Walk into a room with granite countertops and you will immediately take notice. It is the solid value that is considered a luxury item. A house with granite countertops gets higher amount than one which has no granite.

To choose the right granite countertops for your home, visit quarries and showrooms where you can view large granite slabs in their entirety and notice the wide patterns and variations. Choosing the color should not be a problem as granite comes in a wide range of colors. Using granite for countertops in kitchen or bathroom has advantages that include durability, resistance and ever lasting beauty and so on. For installing granite stone in the walls, take help of a professional installer. The stone needs to be handled carefully. It should be cut neatly and fitted properly otherwise the whole block will crumble under its own pressure. The beauty of granite is this that you cut a large countertop from a single block.