July 7, 2022

Where there is a disease, there is a treatment. For every viral attack infection or bacterial attack, there is a pill. You can find medicines for common cold, eczema, depression etc. etc. but have you ever thought that each pill taken affects lever, stomach, lungs and other vital parts of the body. Still we need pills because there is poison in the air we breathe and the water we drink. So what is the ideal treatment for all the diseases that are waiting for us to come out of womb? The answer is hidden in the nature and comes to us as natural remedies.

Look at some of the natural remedies for some very common problems. Try these remedies at your home and avoid a lot of pills. Due to poor air quality, mucus and waste get accumulated in the sinuses and cause common cold. You can clear nasal passage with lukewarm saline water and get cured without taking any pill. Use neti pots for cleaning nasal passages.

Sugar tastes sweet but you should avoid taking refined sugar because it lacks vitamins and nutrient. The refined sugar draws upon the body’s nutrients to metabolize and thus affects the immune system. Use natural sugar substitutes and prevent yourself from many diseases caused by refined sugar.

Mixture that honey bees collect from botanical sources is good for fighting viral infections. Echinacea, commonly known as purple cornflower, is known to stimulate the immune system and has the capabilities to decrease infections. Nature takes care of all of us but it is we who disregard nature by cutting forests, polluting rivers and air. If we can preserve nature only then nature will preserve us.

Remedy with natural products is not a new therapy rather an age old tradition. The first medicine was of course a leave, seed, fruit or flower. Human being got inspiration from the nature and start producing medicines with chemicals. The new medicine heals fast but affects the overall health. On the other hand, nature teaches us to take precaution and thus avoid cure.

Natural remedies stand for the tips you follow and precautions you take. Take your heart for instance. If you can develop a positive outlook, exercise regularly and keep the obesity away then there are little chances of you getting a heart ailment. Just look at nature and see how plants grow, how flowers bloom and how fruits ripe. There is a perfect time for everything. Similar is the case with remedies with natural substances. They will eradicate the disease but after a specific time period.