August 22, 2022

How much time a woman golfer needs for playing an 18-hole round of game? She might take a long time as she has to adjust her visor many times and also she might want to take a break from her painful visor. Uncomfortable accessory would only increase the playing time.

Ladies golf visors should be strapless and clamp free. It is strap and clamp that make accessories uncomfortable. Strap is tied around the head and clamping puts pressure on temples. In both cases, the user has to suffer. Strap put pressure from behind and clamp pinches temples. Also the strap and clamp spoil hairstyle and break hair.


It is an interesting game played in open and in sunlight. Golf ground is spread on acres of green land. Greenery soothes eyes but sunlight can bake eyes. It is for this reason that golfers are advised to wear visor but traditional accessories are painful as they are either strapped or clamped. Wearing a traditional visor is a big problem for golfers especially women golfers.

Choose strapless and clamp free accessory

If you are a golfer then you should choose the accessory that is worn over sunglasses. Wearing a traditional accessory could be painful but the accessory that is worn over glasses is ultra comfortable.

Thread through the loops and slide the accessory on your sunglasses. Bend the accessory to set it on the frame and wear it with style. The accessory is suitable for wearing with tight-fitting circular glasses and frameless wired glasses.

Remove the accessory from the glasses in similar manner. Slide it out of the frame and keep it at a safe place. It doesn’t need specific precaution as it is made from durable material. It can be cleaned with liquid cleaner and also can be washed with a detergent.

Is it trendy?

Golf accessories are trendy and so is this strapless and clamp free visor. This accessory comes in exciting colors, shades and patterns. It is simply fashionable. You can buy it from web where it is being sold by its manufacturer. Or you can find it at nearby stores. You would certainly want to buy a couple of visors after seeing the designs.

New age ladies golf visors are as beautiful as the game of golf is. There is no other way of making a visor comfortable other than removing its strap and clamp. It is a good attempt by the manufacturer of strapless and clamp free visor to make an ideal accessory.