April 12, 2022

Not only is the game itself very hard to play, but to play consistently well is an amazing feat altogether. All we want to do when we step out onto a golf course is drive the ball down the fairway, hopefully as straight as possible and as close to the green as possible every single time we tee off. First of all, just hitting the golf ball in the direction you want it to go in is hard enough, taking it the distance is another challenge and then putting once on the elusive green is a whole other ball game altogether.

As simple as the concept of golf may be, every aspect of the game can be extremely difficult and challenging in which a player needs constant practice to become somewhat of a decent golfer.

Accuracy, while playing golf perhaps one of the toughest things to do is be consistently accurate, but if you put all your concentration on being an accurate golfer your game will steadily improve and therefore so will your swing and your short game.