September 23, 2022

A woman golfer needs a comfortable visor in addition to a set of golf clubs. The visor would protect her eyes and eyebrows from sunlight that has the power to bake the skin. It is quite difficult to play golf without wearing a visor as the game is played in open and in sunlight.

Ladies golf visors are different from traditional accessories. These visors are different as they don’t have strap and clamp. A traditional accessory comes with strap or clamp. Strap and clamp are painful and also they spoil hairstyle and break hair. They are simply not recommended for women golfers.

What is a strapless and clamp free visor and how it works?

It is a simple accessory that works like its traditional counterparts. It protects eyes and eyebrows without giving any pain. It remains at a safe distance from forehead but it makes effective shield on eyes and eyebrows. It is worn over glasses.

Whether you wear a prescription glass or a tight circular glass that covers eyes perfectly, you can wear this visor over your glasses in a hassle free manner. The visor has loops. You can thread in the legs of your glasses from the loops and slide the accessory over the glasses.

It is ultra light and it gives complete sun protection when coupled with sunglasses. It is simply the best as it gives no headache, pain and suffering. It remains on top of sunglasses and makes an effective shield over eyes and eyebrows. It is an ideal sun visor for women golfers.