Commercial Secured Loan UK

March 31, 2022

Commercial secured loan is solely designed for the entrepreneurs who require instant cash to invest into their business. It can be used for startup businesses, small, medium or even large scale industries. The borrower of commercial secured loan is necessitated to put collateral against the loan. Any commercial property, equipments, invoices or order books can solve the purpose.

Commercial secured loan provides an effective solution to your financial crunch. The loan term attached with the loan is a longer period of about 10-30 years. The borrower can draw an amount ranging from £75,000 to £ 50,000,000. The amount however varies from lender to lender.

One can use commercial secured loan for a variety of commercial purposes. For instance, the entrepreneur can use it for purchasing or renovating business premises, residential or commercial investment, property development or business expansion. Both big and small business projects can be financed through the loan.