Teen Health

April 18, 2022

The teen years are a time of growth that involves experimentation and risk taking. For some teens, the social pressures of trying to fit in can be too much. These years can be even more troubling for teens who are confronted with teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, delinquency, suicide, depression, and school failure. Most teens, unfortunately, know nothing about teen health and teen fitness, and it shows in gyms across the country. Teens are showing up to the gym to workout, but we will not address the issues of teen health and teen fitness until we alter their workouts.

In a research in US it is found that 65 percent of the teens taking alcohol at the age between 13 to 16 years and 70 percent have sex before crossing 15 years of age and 50 percent are indulge in taking drugs. And the percentage of teen girl’s pregnancy is increasing then before. So parents should take extra precautions in this age because this is the age when we need extra care then any age. Parents should talk to their teens about any issues related to health and keep an eye on them.