Women's Health

April 12, 2022

When it comes to women's health one needs to be sure they are on the knowing side. There are many things that can go wrong and being educated will help you to prevent these things from happening to you or your loved ones. Yearly examinations are one of the most important things you can do to prevent. If something does not feel right then it is a must to see the doctor.

Your Breast Health- When it comes to women's health, the health of your breasts is essential. There are so many risk factors when it comes to cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most devastating women's diseases in the world. Monthly self-breast exams are probably one of the best ways for early detection. If you ever feel anything that is not normal for you in a breast exam you should call your doctor immediately

HPV and Cervical Cancer- Another very hot topic in women's health today is HPV or human papillomavirus. This is an STD that can invade the skin and mucous membranes. With over 40 different types of HPV you can get a range of reactions. Some forms do absolutely nothing and you do not know you have it. Other types cause genital warts, which can be transferred to other sexual partners. The worst type can cause cancers of the vulva, vagina, anus, penis, and cervix, with the highest risk in cervical cancers.

Women and Heart Disease- One of the leading killers of women today is heart disease. Once thought to be a man's issue has now had a huge impact on women's health. We now live in an age where women are just as high at risk as men now. Women have the same amount of stress and use products that also put them at higher risk, such as hormonal birth control. The best way to prevent heart disease is to eat right and get plenty of exercise. You will also want to not smoke, reduce stress, and avoid prolonged hormonal birth control use.