September 26, 2022

Computer memory certainly boosts the machine’s performance and your output but how do you determine the amount of memory actually needed or how do know when to upgrade your computer with extended memory? The next thing to consider is whether to buy a new memory or a used computer memory. New memory comes at a high price, however, a used computer memory promises excellent performance at cost effective price.

Usually personal computers come with 1 GB RAM but most of the users can do with 512 MB RAM. Let’s find out when we need to buy memory for our computers.

Each time when you upgrade your operating system, you need extended memory. For instance, Windows XP grabs at least 512 MB RAM to run smoothly. Windows 2000 requires no less than 256 MB RAM. Therefore check the operating system manufacturer's documentation carefully to determine how much memory you actually need to run a particular operating system.

Installing new applications is quite a job if your computer has less memory. Business software, video editing applications and games usually need a larger than normal memory. Latest software launched now-a-days assume you have a huge amount of memory. Again, checking the manufacturer's documentation for memory requirements provides great help.

Multimedia cards especially video cards consume much of the main RAM. Video cards, though, comes loaded with a built-in memory but they still depend largely on your main system RAM. Consider buying memory to add a printer or scanner to your computer. Remember a printer needs computer memory for printing huge files. Scanners also grab memory when handling large image files.

Hard drive making long drawn 'chugging' noise when working on large files is also an indication that your computer is craving for more memory. Computer low on memory captures some of the hard disc space to make virtual memory. The process slows down the system and sometimes becomes irritating to the extent that you will want to restart the computer. The problem persists and even becomes more complicated if the computer memory is not upgraded.

Buying new memory is ideal but it is a costly affair. However, a used computer memory that boasts of the same performance as a new memory is the best bet. You need to enhance your system’s memory from time to time and it is not feasible to go for a new costly memory every time. A used memory provides you an economical solution to your ever changing memory requirement.