A Man Of Power And Determination: Edmond Masjedi

December 23, 2022

An entrepreneur with amazing talent and full of determination for his goals, Edmond Masjedi is one to watch out for. He has a unique style of work that has helped run not one but many of the most successful businesses. For some years, he has been working in the world of cooperation and contributing a lot to society. He is a talker and his success stories tell us all about the success of his business plans and ideas. He never hesitates to put his ideas and skills to work.


Edmond Masjedi secured his studies at the best state university in California, North Ridge, also known as CSUN. His rigorous academic training enabled him to succeed in various endeavors as it was his time to train himself with the best skills and techniques.

During his studies, he always had the habit of working well and giving 100% to each of his subjects, which helped him to learn different business methods and techniques.


He never remained loyal to any company, but whenever a company reached great heights, he sold the company to another well-known businessman and moved on to the next. new. He followed this strategy because he thought it was good to stay with the business until he was in a good position and a solid foundation for the business specifically and trying new projects is what Edmond Masjedi likes. Therefore, after trying his luck and achieving success in the plastic industry and the textile industry, Edmond is now starting in shops and stores.

Like a person

Edmond Masjedi is a good and respectful person. He loves to travel and learn new things around the world. He also wants to improve the society by doing various activities such as charity and helping the poor. His business ethics have given many entrepreneurs an example of how to do good business. It is a perfect example of dedication and success.