Edmond Masjedi A Man Who Is Very Successful In Business

December 23, 2022

It is rightly said that there are no shortcuts to success and you have to work hard to achieve your goals. This is what Edmond Masjedi did and put all his efforts into making a name for himself in various businesses. Edmond Masjedi is a successful businessman who has the ability to overcome challenges and achieve the best results.

He started his career by joining IPPC, a plastic extrusion company. Due to his business acumen, he has made this company stand out among its competitors. To try something new, he joined Warner Inc, and by exporting Levis jeans to the United States, he made the company take a large share of the European market and gave him new parameters for success. But when that was not enough and Edmond Masjedi was not satisfied with the plastic and textile industry, he entered the world of real estate. He was also successful in this area by building a good house with all the amenities for a small family.

Today, he is more involved in the food and beverage industry where his Snobar brand is successful around the world for delicious drinks. Edmond Masjedi is a unique person who has the ability to think outside the box and he is always ready to face all obstacles in his way to achieve his goals.

He always believed in himself and courageously defended his ideas, which made all his ideas become successful. It works and has different businesses and works on the simple principles of meeting the needs and requirements of customers.

Edmond Masjedi, apart from being a successful businessman, also loves to travel to new places and learn about different cultures around the world.