The Owner Of Snobar Is Inspired To Learn From Him

December 22, 2022

It is difficult to imagine how a businessman who cooks solely for pleasure may experience such extraordinary success in his life. When we say this about a chef, it is understandable, but when we say it about a highly successful business, it seems strange.

Why cooking?

Edmond Masjedi, a businessman, experienced many ups and downs in his life. To decompress from his work and stress, he preferred to cook. A successful person like Edmond Masjedi experiences a lot of psychological stress as a result of his involvement in numerous commercial endeavours and his work being highlighted by his rivals. He finds that cooking helps him relax and release tension by creating mouthwatering meals for his friends and family.

How Snobar came into action?

His idea of ​​spending time with his family when he was away from work became the reason for his success. It was a beautiful evening when he tried to make a dessert for his wife Shanon. Wanting to try something new, he mixed alcohol with ice, resulting in an unusual and truly delicious combination.

It was a day that changed everything and gave a new direction to his work. Then, with the help of mixologists and food experts, his experiments were finally approved and appreciated by everyone in the world.

And finally, it gave him the foundation for a successful business called Snobar. It is a brand in the world that offers some unique cocktails including mojito, pink squirrel, cosmopolitan and many more. Now he has a successful ice cream parlor where there are long queues of people who want to enjoy the unique drink and that too cheap.

This is how his simple passion for cooking took his career to the next level. Besides cooking, she also enjoys traveling and learning new languages.