Edmond Masjedi And His Success Behind Snobar

December 29, 2022

In a short period of time, Edmond Masjedi proved his ability by succeeding in various businesses. He is a hard worker who believes that to be successful, there are no shortcuts. He has a positive attitude towards things and uses every opportunity to become a successful businessman. He is always confident in his ideas and plans and makes the impossible work with his incredible instincts. His work has been an example to many future entrepreneurs in various business areas.

After working hard at IPCC, Warner Inc and other companies and making these companies achieve great success, Edmond Masjedi was looking for something new. And one evening, while trying to make a drink for his beautiful wife Shanon, he thought of adding alcohol to ice cream and his little idea turned out to be the most deadly. When others taste it, they really love it. And this is how Snobar was founded.

Then, with guidance from skilled chefs, he can perfect his frozen wine. He created a successful ice cream brand that makes his customers happy and excited about Snobar. Outside Snobar, there was a long queue of people enjoying a delicious meal with their friends and family. He is able to take any business to the place it should reach for example a small experiment which is just an attempt to please his wife immediately appeared in iced wine that the famous world appreciates and loves him.

It was this brand that gave Edmond Masjedi true happiness and success. His creative spirit and entrepreneurial skills have taken him to new heights and he still has a lot to achieve.