Edmond Masjedi- A Man To Be Inspired By His Success Story

December 23, 2022

The story of a successful man is always full of happiness and challenges and one of those stories is that of Edmond Masjedi who, with many bad words, becomes an inspiration to hundreds businessmen are coming.

How did it start?

It all started when Edmond Masjedi decided to study Business and Corporate Communications at UCLA. After graduation, he joined his first company IPCC and started his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Because of his knowledge and skills, he made the plastic extrusion company put himself in his market with 50 percent of the wine straw.

With his skill and dedication, he believes that it is easy to achieve whatever he wants and trying him luck in a different way, he joined a clothing company named Warner Inc and achieved success again. on site. . So he continued to climb the ladder of success until the day he found his true success in the form of Snobar.

About Snobar

It was not an easy decision and although business involves risks and impossible choices, the inspiring businessman Edmond Masjedi did something extraordinary that became famous in a short time. Snobar is an ice cream brand that sells alcoholic ice cream in Los Angles.

He is the one who, wanting to try something new, mixed ice cream with alcohol and it turned out well. It also tells us that the only thing we can do is when we try to think outside the box and try to do the unexpected.

He is always eager to try new things and loves to travel to different places. He is never afraid of anything and believes that nothing is impossible if we dedicate ourselves and put all our strength into it.