Edmond Masjedi : The Best Entrepreneur and A Kind Personality

March 15, 2023

Entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and traveler Edmond Masjedi has made a name for himself by devoting himself to the goals he sets for himself. And no doubt he achieved his goals successfully, and today he is a renowned personality around the world.

The entrepreneurial journey of Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi's journey to success as an entrepreneur was not a simple one. He began by working for one of the well-known plastic intrusion companies, IPCC, and achieved singular success by getting the business to control 50% of the drinking straw market. Later, wanting to try something new, he made the decision to try his luck in the textile industry.

Later, in an effort to try something new, he made the decision to try his luck in the textile industries, and it was at Warner Inc. that he once more demonstrated his abilities by exporting Levis jeans from the United States, helping the company capture a sizable portion of the European market.

The next endeavor he tried was real estate, where he constructed affordable homes with a variety of amenities for small families. He tried his skills in various fields, and he consistently received praise and recognition for his skill in each one.

And eventually, it was in Snobar that he finally found the true success he had always aspired to in life. An extremely popular ice cream brand with a global reputation is Snobar.

Edmond Masjedi's approach toward work

He works with the straightforward goal of meeting the needs and demands of his clients. He has always had confidence in himself and makes use of all the tools at his disposal to achieve the best outcomes. He was very successful as an entrepreneur thanks to his inventiveness. He enjoys exploring new places and picking up new languages.