Diamond Rings

April 19, 2022

Diamond Rings are today the latest fashion trend in the modern world there are a verity of rings today available in the diamond market.

Engagement rings :- Engagement ring is an ancient tradition dating back many centuries. The first engagement rings were simple iron, gold, or silver–whatever the buyer could afford. No body often used gems, but usually not diamonds–these were not seen as highly valuable until around the 13th century.

Diamonds are now almost always found in engagement rings. They are the toughest and most durable of all the gemstones, making them a perfect symbol of eternal love. A central diamond makes any ring look like an engagement ring. That's why large diamonds are not often used in non-engagement rings. However, small diamond chips are sometimes used in designs featuring other gems as the centerpiece in non-engagement rings.

Earrings :- Diamonds are so noticeable, a little goes a long way with diamond earrings–the most common are studs, which provide just a flash of fire as she turns her head. The most popular shapes for earrings are round brilliants and drop diamonds. The weight of the diamonds in earrings are typically given in total carat weight for both earrings put together.

Anniversary ring :- Choosing a diamond anniversary ring is a great option to celebrate a milestone in your marriage. You can always try a diamond ring in a platinum setting. Platinum became popularity in the early 1900's because of its great beauty and its resistant to tarnishing and wear. When it is polished it does not lose any of the metal like gold and silver does. The anniversary ring stone should not be too big or bright it should be small and decent. It should be not too much expensive.