August 24, 2022

Out of various gold testing methods available, the acid test is most popular among masses. Let’s learn how to test gold with a gold testing kit?

A gold testing kits comprises of a set of acids, a touchstone and test needles. The acid reveals the quality of the gold by changing color of the gold piece in question. Gold is measured in karat hence different acids in the kit are used to indicate changing karats of gold. Take the gold piece, mark a streak on the black square touchstone and pour a drop of a acid on the streak. There are different acid bottles in the kit and each bottle is used for testing a specific quality of gold. For instance, the acid which is used in testing 14K gold can’t be used for examining 18K or 10K gold. For a better understanding on how to test gold with acid, it is recommended that the tester should follow the guidelines prescribed in the users’ manual.

The gold testing kit is just perfect for both home and office use. Since it is movable, you can take it to places for testing gold pieces. But there is a disadvantage associated with the acid test. Acid test provides approximate results and no 100% reliable. This test reveals the quality of gold but to determine the exact karat of gold in jewelry you need to either meld the jewelry or go for high end computerized gold testing equipments. In terms of usability and portability, the acid kit is the best.

The tri-electronic gold testes available in the market can determine the exact amount of karats of gold in jewelry. These computerized testing equipments come with in-built micro processor that reveals the true karats within moments. Jewelers use both the acid as well as high end gold testers. But if you considering to bringing home a gold tester then the acid kit is just perfect. As a buyer you would be interested in knowing the authenticity of gold which can be established with acid test.

Today gold is at an all time high and it is considered as cash in hand. People often sell scrap gold for quick cash. You may have large amount of scrap gold in your home and you may be thinking to sell all those useless gold pieces. Before you proceed, just make an acid on your gold pieced and determine how much karat of gold you actually have so that you are not fooled by a clever jeweler. And for this reason it is mandatory for everyone to learn how to test gold?