July 5, 2022

Silver has been considered one of the precious metals and for this reason silver bracelet has been a popular ornament for men and women alike. We have sterling silver that is a mix of fine silver with copper. It is strong and long lasting hence perfect for making designer jewelries. For a shiny finish, sterling silver jewelry is plated with a thin coat of fine silver. Though silver jewelry is very sensitive towards moisture and air, people of all ages love to wear designer bracelets made of sterling silver.

Sterling silver bracelet comes in various shapes, sizes and designs. First we have bangle bracelet which is actually a group of several bracelets. It is most popular among teens. Cuff bracelets are preferred by octogenarians or old ladies. These are somehow expensive but people can afford them to buy for their mothers or grandma. Other varieties include sterling silver triple heart bracelet, shoe fetish charm bracelet, silver chain bracelets, silver nugget grains and charm bracelet with glittery purses. There are more varieties which you can find in a silver jewelry store. Just search online, there are numerous online stores that offer silver jewelry at discounted price. Check the design, style and price.

Caring for silver ornaments is simple if you are a little bit cautious about the maintenance of your precious jewelry. Just remember that sprays and lotions like perfumes, sun screen lotion, moisturizer and hair spray are enemies of your silver jewelry so it is good if you don’t use them when wearing silver jewelry. Also put off silver ornaments before working with acids like ammonia, alcohol and bleach. Even finger nail polish remover can take away the shine from your precious silver jewelry. These are some of the tips on how to care for your silver jewelry. If you follow them then there is no way that your ornament will lose shine.

Proper storage of silver jewelry is crucial to keeping it young forever. Simply wearing the bracelet regularly will prevent it from tarnishing deeply. The ideal way to store ornaments is to keep them inside the especially made jewelry box. If anti-tarnishing strips can be added then a simple zipper plastic is also good to store ornaments especially silver jewelry. Before wearing the bracelet, simply rub it with dry cotton and you will find it sparkling again. Silver bracelet is much in vogue these days. People especially teenagers are crazy about these fashion jewelries.