Medallion Scarf: Fashion Jewelry of a Modern Woman

June 17, 2022

Women are fond of jewelry and everything that goes well with their dresses or enhances their presence is considered jewelry. Medallion scarf is such a piece of jewelry that could make you a fashion statement. The scarf with a medal is very much in vogue these days and women especially girls are crazy about this scarf. Women used to put scarf around their neck to protect their neck from dust, UV rays and sun burn. Scarf is also used in winter as a protection gear against chill. That scarf when comes with a beautiful metal medal can also work like a necklace.

Medallion scarf holds a circular object that is generally made of metal. Since the object looks like a medal it got the name medal scarf. Medals that are awarded for distinguished service in any field. There is a tradition of wearing medals, you get, in parties and gatherings as a medal makes you stand apart from the crowd by underlining your presence. The medal scarf does the same work as it also contains a medal. With a medal scarf around your neck, you can get more eyeballs turned on you.

Gold and silver jewelries are a thing of the past. Moreover, it is not economical to buy a gold or silver jewelry every time you go to party. In addition, not all the gold or silver jewelries match with jeans, T-shirt and other formal and casual wears. When it comes to office dress, most of the women avoid using traditional jewelry as it makes them look non-professional. Educational institutions too don’t allow students to wear jewelry. Medal scarf could be the viable solution to this problem.

A scarf with a glossy metal is an all time favorite. It could be worn everywhere be it office, college, kitty party, social gathering or old friends meet. Add to that, you can buy a new medal scarf for every party because this particular scarf is reasonably priced and fits into every pocket. There is no age bar for wearing a medal scarf. Grandma, mother, aunty, teacher, principal, teenage girl, professional or entrepreneur, all can wear this scarf.

Medallion scarf is very much different from traditional jewelry. It is cost effective, work everywhere, matches with maximum outfits, easy to use and there is nothing to hide about this scarf as is the case with costly diamond or gold jewelry. It is the modern women, who choose and also deserves to wear a medal.