Promise Rings

April 11, 2022

Promise rings are typically inexpensive bands exchanged between young couples that have pledged exclusivity in their relationship. Even though promise rings are not commonly worn by men, men’s promise rings have their own significance. Promise rings are exchanged between a girlfriend and boyfriend with a commitment to stay faithful to each other.

Men’s promise rings can be worn as pre-engagement rings, friendship rings, or just as purity promise rings. Purity rings are a special category of promise rings, often presented by parents to their children. These rings signify the strong bond of trust between them and indicate a promise on the part of the child to stay away from sexual relationships and practice abstinence, until marriage.

Friends might exchange promise rings for any number of reasons, from sealing a vow, to making a wish, to simply celebrating the bond of friendship. Promise rings are a great way to make any commitment real, and keep it foremost in mind. Though these are traditional reasons to exchange promise rings, a promise ring is a nice reminder for nearly any significant promise -- including a promise made to yourself. Even a moderately expensive gold or titanium band or pinky ring can be a constant daily reminder of the investment you are making in yourself to meet a desired goal too long put off, rise to a difficult challenge, or fulfill a lifelong dream.