Gold plated jewelry: Cost effective substitute for costly gold jewelry

April 5, 2022

Gold is the most precious element available on earth. It is very scarce as well hence all that glitters in not gold. Gold sparkles, shines and glows. It is the metal which is primarily used for making jewelry. Men and women has been wearing jewelry all through ages. And the most preferred jewelry is of gold. The craze for gold remains same even in this time and age despite discovery and invention of various metals that have more sparkle and glitter than gold. Probably for this reason gold is the most costly metal which everyone can’t buy.

There are people who wear only gold jewelry and also there are people who can never wear gold jewelry. Those who can afford never mind about the price and those who can’t afford, never step inside a goldsmith’s shop. In between these two groups there are some who also can’t afford gold but not willing to wear other cheap jewelries either. Gold plated jewelry is the best option for such people. It is cost effective and resembles like original gold jewelry. If not revealed, it is hard to discern whether the jewelry is made of solid gold or gold plated. Isn’t it a better option to costly gold?

Gold plated jewelry is made up of a metal more probably silver, brass, and copper or sometimes stainless steel. It is not solid gold as it looks. The metal jewelry is then coated with gold layering with a process known as electro plating. Quality jewelries are coated with more than one layer so that they retain the golden look, glitter and charm for a fairly long period. If it is only the look for which you want to buy gold jewelry then it’s better to go with the jewelry that is plated with golden layers.

Gold jewelry is more an investment rather just an ornament. However, gold plated jewelry is a pure jewelry which can be worn anytime anywhere. Just a few precautions and you can flaunt your plated jewelry in style for years. Gold plated necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, finer rings and other jewelry comes at a cost effective price hence everyone can buy it. The precautions to be taken with a gold plated ornament are statutory in nature hence no hassle in preserving these fancy items. In addition, goldsmiths give tempting discounts and fabulous buy back and exchange offer on gold plated ornaments.