Take Advantage Of The Power Of Orgonite

September 29, 2022

Dr. Wilhelm Reich showed the world how to live a happy, healthy and long life. If you are thinking that you would be advised to wake up early and do exercises and also you would be asked to cut your meal then you are wrong.

Look what Dr. Reich said. He discovered negative energy and also he found a unique way to transform the negative energy into a positive force that you can take advantage of. Surrounded by positive force, your mind would think positively. You would get positive thoughts and the positive thoughts would make you feel happy.

What Is Negative Energy?

Your mobile phone has energy and this is evident from its uses. It transmits energy that touches your body. The rays that come from your phone exert unnecessary pressure on your body. This pressure makes you fees stressed and you want to take rest. If you are provided an opportunity to take rest, you would want to go to a place where there is peace and tranquility. In other words, you would look for an escape route from negative energy.

What Was Dr. Reich’s Invention?

Dr. Reich found a compound that has the power to transform negative energy into a positive force. In other words, he created a zone of positive force. He treated his patients with the positive force and showed that positive energy can increase body’s power to fight diseases.

He called the compound orgonite and he also showed how to make this compound. Dr. Reich made this compound for his patients and showed the world a way to stay healthy. Dr. Reich is no more but his invention is here to help mankind. But you don’t to orgonite zelf maken as you can buy this compound from market.

This compound comes in attractive forms like pyramid and jewelry pieces. You can buy a pyramid for your home and pendant for your personal use. Keep the pyramid in the living room and use pendant when going out. The pendant would prevent the negative rays from harming your body. And the pyramid would create a zone of positive energy in your home.

See Positive Results In Short Time

Expect good results in short time. As soon as you would place the pyramid in the living room, you would feel difference in the energy. You would want to buy more products to keep in other rooms. You can buy orgnite from market and for this reason there is no reason to think to orgonite zelf maken.