September 26, 2022

This article is about a simple manmade compound that has amazing affects on human body and other living things including plants. What the compound does is it creates a zone of positive energy by transforming energy into a positive force and it does it without using electricity.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich found this compound in 1930s and introduced it as a life saving compound and he was right as the compound save life of cancer patients he was treating. He showed the world that positive energy can change body metabolism and prepare body for a healthy and long life.


He made orgoniet using inexpensive material like steel wool that is found everywhere. His compound was like a box. He placed a chair in the box and made his patients to sit in the box. In the box, the patients came into contact with positive energy that improved their metabolic power and they soon started signs of improvement.

The formula works and it keeps working without requiring any help. The compound is simple but it can change the world. The world we live is filled with electromagnetic fields produced by electric poles and communication towers. There is energy everywhere but this energy is negative. It puts negative pressure on body.


When the body comes under pressure, it reacts and the reaction is felt in irritation, stress and impatient behavior. Body becomes weak as the electromagnetic energy deprives body of its power. People feel tired, sluggish and disheartened even when they are doing nothing.

Root cause of the problems is the electromagnetic field that we have created around us. We are surrounded by machines that make much noise and pollute the environment. Dr. Reich gave us a formula that can transform the negative energy into a positive force that human body can take advantage of.

How to use the compound?

Dr. Reich is no more but his formula is with us. One can make this compound like Dr. Reich did but there is little need to make this compound as it is easily available in market. It can be bought at affordable price and used in a hassle free manner.

Orgoniet comes in pendant and pyramid form. Pendant is for personal use and pyramid can be used to create a zone of positive energy at home and office. This compound has amazing power and it is available in ready to use forms.