August 30, 2022

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research on simple compounds that can turn negative energy into positive force was taken lightly when Dr. Reich presented his theory in 30’s he proved that he was right in his theory. Dr. Reich showed that positive energy can be used to treat human problems.

He tested positive energy on his cancer patients and the patients showed improvement. They weren’t cured but they were feeling better. It was proved that if kept in positive environment, people react positively. They think positive and show signs of improvement.

Dr. Reich created a compound called orgonite. It is a simple compound that anyone can make with the help of fiber and steel wool. Dr. Reich made an energy accumulator that was like a cabin. He placed a chair in the cabin to treat his patients with positive energy. His experiment showed amazing results.

The process works

If you can create a zone of positive energy around you then you would feel better, healthy and happy. Dr. Reich is no more but his theory and invention is here to serve mankind. If you want to get treated by Dr. Reich, then use the compound he invented and feel blessed.

It is negative thoughts that make you feel depressed. When you have negative thoughts, when you take things negatively and you have feeling that you are lonely, you start feeling depressed. This feeling slows down your body metabolism and your body reacts negatively to surrounding things.

Use the compound that Dr. Reich invented. It is available in pendant and pyramid forms. Buy a pendant for your personal use or you can buy a jewelry made of this compound. Keeping a pyramid at would drive away negative energy from your home.

Positive energy

We are surrounded by energy but it is negative energy. The energy can’t be seen but felt. Mobile phone has energy and so is your laptop and home is charged with energy. The energy affects our body and mind and the affect is felt in depression and discouragement.

When we are happy, we react positively and we feel happy because we can think positively. We get positive thoughts and positive feeling boosts our body metabolism.

Orgonite is the compound that Dr. Reich talked about and invented. Dr. was right in his findings as he showed by using positive energy on his cancer patients. He gifted the world an amazing thing and there is no doubt on it.