How Positive Energy Helps In Well Being?

December 23, 2022

A simple compound can make you feel better, if you are suffering from an ailment. It won’t cure your disease but help in the treatment. It would create a zone of positive energy in which you would feel safe.

What is this compound?

It is called orgone and it is made from simple elements like steel wool. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a leading psychoanalyst of his time, developed the compound and showed that it works. He treated his cancer patients in the zone of positive energy created by his invention.

He made a cabin from this compound and made his patients to sit in the cabin. Since the cabin was made from the compound that generates positive energy, it provided positive environment to patients and the patients started showing good results in short time.

How does it work?

It only creates a zone of positive energy. When the rays would come to your body, they would be transformed into a positive force that your body can take advantage of. The positive force would refresh your body and mind. It would help you maintain positive attitude. And when you would think positively, you would feel healthy.

Medical science recognizes power of positive energy. Patients are advised to go to places that are calm and free from pollution. These places are hill stations and the countryside where there is no fuss and tension. These places have positive energy that helps patients in recovering from diseases. Similar positive energy is provided by this compound.