September 5, 2022

A psychoanalyst invented a compound that changed the course of medical history. It isn’t a medicine or surgical treatment but a change of environment. Keep a patient in positive environment and see how quickly he recovers from his ailment.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was the psychoanalyst and the compound that he discovered is orgone. The compound is simple as it is made from material easily available at homes and offices. This compound transforms negative energy into positive force as showed by Dr. Reich

See Dr. Reich’s compound working

He made a large cabin to create a zone of positive energy. The box was large enough to accommodate a person and Dr. Reich placed a chair in the cabin. He made his patients to sit in the cabin for some time and the process continued for long time. Soon the patients started showing signs of improvement.

It was amazing to see signs of improvement in cancer patients and it was proved that positive energy can help in curing diseases. Here it is necessary to mention that positive force would only help and not cure diseases completely.

Advantage of creating positive energy zone

It would prevent you from harmful electromagnetic rays. You would feel happy and healthy. Positive thoughts would refresh your mind and positive energy would provide your body the power to stay healthy. And you don’t need making a cabin to take advantage of positive force as you can use the compound in the form of a pendant or a pyramid.

What would the compound do for you?

If you are suffering from a disease like diabetes and hypertension, it would surely help in recovering from the ailment. If you are healthy person, the compound would help you stay healthy despite coming into contact with negative forces. You only need to wear a pendant or you can keep a pyramid at your home and also one at your workplace.

Is it a remedy for diseases?

As said earlier that the compound would only provide positive environment needed for quick healing. The positive force would help you think positive and maintain positive attitude. When you would think positive, you would feel healthy as it is the negative thoughts that disturb mind.

Dr. Reich proved that orgone is a blessing for mankind and he was right in his saying. This compound is the only help available for mankind. The world is full of energy but it is negative energy that affects human body and mind negatively.