Astrology Books

April 7, 2022

There are lots of astrology books out there - a few are excellent, most are good, and then there are some that are just plain awful. The books listed below range from good to excellent. I've also tried to include a variety of astrological subjects. I've always believed that if you want to be a good astrologer, you need a good library of astrology books.

Here are some good books of astrology.

  • Arabic Parts in Astrology: A Lost Key to Prediction, by Robert Zoller
  • Art of Predictive Astrology, by Carol Rushman
  • Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, by Liz Greene
  • Astrology for Lovers, by Liz Greene
  • Astrology for the Soul, by Jan Spiller
  • Astrology, Karma and Transformation, by Stephen Arroyo
  • Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer, by Robert P Blaschke
  • How to Read Your Astrological Chart, by Donna Cunningham.

Throughout the ages there have been a variety of books covering the subject of vedic astrology, in fact the origin of these systems came from the Vedas. The first book produced and is considered to be the oldest books known to man, which is approximately four thousand years old was a book entitled, Vedic Sciences. These are actually some of the most important scriptures from India, and Vedic does means knowledge, which encompasses the earthly phenomena past, present, and future.